Anglefan14-3 Alexia $3.50
Alexia doesn`t have a clue what her lines are, so we give her ways to remember them next time. Bonus pieing in the shower!

Anglefan14-2 Alexia $3.50
Alexia tries her hand at some trivia, hosted by `The Rock`

Anglefan14-1 Alexia $3.50
Scene 1 of a special custom video of Alexia. Scripts and mess sequence were custom written for this shoot. Bonus pieing in the shower at the end - genuine surprise!

Anglefan13-2 Elisa $3.50
The first and only scene where I used a special flavor of Cool Whip - French Vanilla! Elisa demonstrates this unique flavor in vivid detail.

Anglefan13-1 Elisa $3.50
Meet Elisa, a bright college student studying theater and acting. She loves slapstick comedy shows and wanted to help out! Since this was filmed just days after John Ritter passed away, we pay tribute to the legendary actor.