Black Slime Body Takeover $14.00
Sablique steps into some strange alien slime that leads to inflation from her ankles, hips, and stomach. She becomes panicked then turned on by her growing legs and begins to masturbate until her stomach grows hout of control until she suffocates.

`Street Trash` Inflation and Explosion $19.00
Tribute to inflation scene from `street trash` movie with an extra inflation and explosion.

POV: Stranger Invasion Silicone Inflation and Explosion $15.00
Dezzi is staying home on a Friday night when the an intruder (the viewer) enters her home and inflates her with silicone until she explodes into a puddle of silicone.(This is her first video EVER)

MAXGROWTH: Expansion Ball Z $25.00
Koa dreams about becoming her favorite, sexy and voluptuous anime character. She wakes up and discovers the Expansion Ball is real and experiences breast growth. BE, AE, Leg/Hip growth. Multiple Expansions.

MAXGROWTH: Little Big Girl Vengeance $13.00
Autumn teases her fat loving ex-boyfriend by growing into a sexy, BBW. She flaunts her new assets and shows him just what he is missing. BE, AE, Leg/Hip growth. Multiple expansions.