Bimbo Princess Pink: POV Accelerated Pregnancy Media Type: Download
Bimbo Princess Pink Chews magic gum to make her pregnant. She wants you to jack off as she blows bubbles as her belly grows big and pregnant.

Facestuffing Belly Expanding Revenge Media Type: Download
Svetlana is seeing Lucy`s boyfriend and Lucy sends her a tainted edible arrangement. After eating it her belly begins to grow humongous. Lucy arrives and force feeds and tortures her until her belly grows to explode.

Goddess Transformation and Accelerated Pregnancy Media Type: Download
Lolita goes on archeology dig in Egypt with her professor. When she arrives home she finds a fertility statue in her couch. She cuts herself on it and transforms into and Egyptian Goddess and her belly grows huge and breast grow tender and turn gold.

A Natural Expansion Spell Media Type: Download
Kamile gets a magic oil from elder witches to enhance her breasts. She does spell and they grow into beautiful natural breasts. At the end something goes wrong with spell and her beautiful natural breasts turn to large fake growing out of control

Sorority Girl`s Shocking Stormtrooper Spell Media Type: Download
Austin is desperate to have a certain guy take her to a sorority formal. She casts a spell that goes wrong and she turns into a stormtrooper. Giant breasts that blast through armor a little futa at end. Fear turns to ecstasy as she enjoys new cock.