Teaching her Roommate a Lesson $20.00
Dita comes home from work to find her roommate covered in her cookie crumbs. She is furious she ate the entire bag. She shoves a tube in her and blows her up huge and pushes her out of the house to live fat and on the street.

Fruit Follies $20.00
Koa asks Bijoux (the Maxgrowth Industries lab tech) to help her remove a curse that`s turning her into a fruit. But, it`s contagious, & Bijoux changes also as her imaginary friend Trixie cheers it all on.

MAXGROWTH: Help Wanted Part Two $17.00
Lucia`s massive misfortune continues to grow, as she swells and expands slowly into a SSBBW, thanks to a prank gone wrong. WeightGain into SSBBW with BE, AE, BellyGrowth.

Frozen and Inflated $13.00
Brittany becomes paralyzed and inflates huge. She is terrified. Once she is Huge she attempts to get out of the house and into her truck to get help.

An Expanding Audition $8.00
Alishia does a quick audition at a strip club and expands to the perfect hourglass on stage.