The Growing Blue Rash Becomes a Full Blueberry: Part 2 Media Type: Download
Sablique busts through her clothes and turns into a beautiful full round blueberry. You arrive for your date with her and find her there scared and begging you to help her and juice her.

The Growing Blue Rash and Gut: Part 1 Media Type: Download
Sablique is sent home from work with a mysterious blue rash on her neck. She is horrified when she not only realizes it is spreading as she is getting ready for a date but her belly is growing. In Part two she transforms into a full blueberry.

Hourglass Princess Media Type: Download
Sablique ordered a new crystal ball when she received a strange snow ball. She begin to grow enormous breasts that feel amazing then giant hips that get stuck in a chair.

POV After Class Teacher to Hour Glass Bimbo Media Type: Download
You are stuck after class in detention and you trick the teacher into chewing bimbo gum. Your teacher takes the gum not realizing it is bimbo transformation gum and she turns right in front of you.

MAXGROWTH: Body Noir Media Type: Download
A Preamble to the upcoming Change Wars. Louisa and Lucia are both trying to steal a formula. Louisa ends up with HUGE boobs and Lucia grows giant muscles. Feats of strength and catfighting ensue.