Avon Lady Consumed and Regressed Media Type: Download
Irma is an Avon lady waiting for her customer. She takes quick nap when she is approached and eaten by large dragon. She goes through his system and comes out younger. She is eaten again and comes out even younger than before.

MAXGROWTH: Big Booty Bride Media Type: Download
Lucia is getting married, but her mother-in-law has plans for her. Lucia grows a bigger bust, but it`s her ass that keeps ballooning to massive proportions. Absolutely huge ass props in this one, with multiple ass expansions and process.

Growing with Every Curse Media Type: Download
Pidgeon was suspended from her job for cursing. Later that day while talking she realizes that her breasts grew a little more with every curse word.

Sniff Deep: Blueberry Transformation Media Type: Download
Tainted flowers turn college student into a blueberry. Lower price due to some issues with clip production. This is Dragons first clip. I think you guys will love her.

Blueberry Revenge Media Type: Download
Beatrix keeps using Lucy`s credit card to shop with so Lucy decides turn her into a blueberry. Once she grows full of juice she is popped.