You are Not Going to Like Me When I am Mad Media Type: Download
Caroline is captured and interrogated for information. She is overcome with rage and takes large volts of electricity that soar through her body in bright green. She busts thru her clothes and smashes doors etc. and scares the piss out of her captor

Stage by Stage Accelerated Pregnancy: Star Grows Out of Control Media Type: Download
Star gets some fast acting accelerated pregnancy pills that work in three stages. One pill and she becomes 3 months pregnant. Second pill six months and her breasts grow. Finally she enters her third trimester and the growth is out of control-she explodes

A Doctors Growing Delemma Media Type: Download
Psychologist Alexa Night has a client who shows up in distress about every girl he dates growing huge breasts. He does not like women with large breasts so is tortured by this. Alexa believes he is delusional until it happens to her.

Your Cock is Sooooooooo Huge Media Type: Download
Caroline is teasing you with her ass. The more she teases you the bigger your cock gets. It is like a giant inflating balloon. It grows as big as her arm and thicker than the size of her leg. You erupt in the most amazing orgasm drenching her

Raging Transformation Media Type: Download
Jennique find out her boyfriend is leaving her for another woman and she is furious. Her rage turns her into a demonic woman. She bursts through her clothes and hulks displaying extreme super strength.