You are Turning into My Dream Helium Sex Toy Media Type: Download
Joclyn kidnaps Mika and ties her to a table and turns her into her giant sex toy. She inflates belly, boobs, hips, big helium balls/cock and slides on it until she cums and at that moment blows her sex toy up.

I am Getting So Sexy and Beautiful and Hot and Turning Myself on Media Type: Download
Karen is a rundown librarian who orders an energy drink. As she drinks it she begins to transform to a beautiful big boob, big ass blonde bimbo.

Quinn: Sexy Liltle Belly Stuffer and Grower Media Type: Download
Quinn stuffs with oreo, pudding and Soda. She then plays with her belly a bit and tells you how big she wants to get for you.

On Her Way to Becoming a Full Blown Furry Cow Media Type: Download
Mika is pigging out and checking out her growing belly when a friend calls to chat and begins to moo. She is alarmed when she can`t control it. Things get bad she can`t sit and is on all fours chewing and mooing like a cow.

Furry Fast Inflations Media Type: Download
Joline then Quinn Two Fast Furry Inflations.