MAXGROWTH: Super Remote Control Media Type: Download
Lucia`s lazy boyfriend discovers the new remote has some magical properties. He fast forwards her into a hot granny, reverses her into college age, then keeps expanding her hourglass figure until she explodes.

Fat Fairy Godmother Media Type: Download
Sandra eats a doughnut & it makes her belly grow, stretch and expand until her `Fat Fairy Godmother` who has her own huge fat belly arrives & tells her she is turning her into a Fat Fairy Godmother as well.

Too Much Accelerated Pregnancy Lotion Media Type: Download
Sandra is 8 months pregnant and can`t take it anymore. She goes to an accelerated pregnancy clinic and things grow out of control.

Blueberry Terror at the Candy Factory Media Type: Download
Lucid and her Mother go to candy factory and Lucid chews gum she is not supposed to chew. Wonka tells her to spit it out and she refuses. She turns into BB. Her mother is furious and she is terrified. At end they begin to roll her to the juicing room.

X-SPANDER: Diana Is Inflating To Please Media Type: Download
Diana really likes her new boyfriend & wants to make him happy so when he asks her to inflate for him she is extremely nervous but gives it a try. After she has her boobs inflate she begins to love the feeling and love her new shape! POV