MAXGROWTH: Nerdy to Curvy Media Type: Download
An anonymous box of chocolates turns frumpy, overworked Lucy into an hourglass vixen with an unbelievable figure and a whole new attitude. Multiple Process (BE and Ass) featuring new actress Lucia.

MAXGROWTH: Adonia Wakeup Weight Gain Media Type: Download
Adonia wakes up and has been turned into a BBW overnight by a curse. She reacts to her new weight and checks herself out. She tries to put on her too small clothes and measures herself so she can buy new ones. No actual weight gain process.

Sneaky StepMother Growth Cream Exchange Media Type: Download
Irma`s mother reads her diary and finds she plans to use a BE lotion. She steals it and replaces it with fat growth formula. Irma tries it and grows gut, backfat and belly her mother uses BE formula and grows giant breasts. Fight at end.

I am Going to Burst Out Of This Dress and Bust Out of This Town Media Type: Download
Small Town Trashy housewife Rayne has a personal shopper that gets her stuff in in the big city. This week she gets a special breast cream and can`t believe her luck.

Cum All Over My Growing Hips and Ass Media Type: Download
Your girlfriend Savannah knows how bad you want her ass to grow. She makes sure you get exactly what you want. She teases you with her growing ass and wants you to cum all over it. She then changes and grows giant hips and ass and wants you to cum again.