Revenge Spell Gone Wrong: Female to Male Transformation Media Type: Download
Dita gets a ticket from a 70`s looking cop and comes home and casts a spell on him. Her breast begin to deflate and by morning she has become that cop. She wakes with a hard cock and jacks it off. ( Intro a little long in my opinion so lowered price).

A Large Round Belly Sparkle Pony Transformation Media Type: Download
Sandra eats sparkle donuts and transforms into a round belly sparkle pony.

The Inflation Fairy Media Type: Download
Sablique is harassing the bar waitress when she becomes furious and turns into the inflation fairy. She grows Sabliques breasts huge and heavy. Then her ass becomes so big she can`t get off the floor. She finally drags herself up and stuck in door

Girl Gang Bar Fight Belly Blown Up Media Type: Download
Asian gangmember played by Mika walks into Hispanic gangmembers bar and fight starts and Mika is blown up with water hose. A lot of racist language used in fight. I charged more for this clip because this short clip destroyed a prop, wig and more.

Double Accelerated Pregnancy Ritual Media Type: Download
Two witches use a 8 month pregnant girl in their accelerated pregnancy ritual.