Nine Pills to Pregnancy Media Type: Download
Crystal wants a baby. She takes the 9 pills required to make her pregnant and her belly grows to 9 months when her water breaks.

The Tainted Sweat Suit Media Type: Download
Crystal ordered a small grey sweat suit and recieved the same sweatsuit 5 times larger in a package that day. She finds how big the sweatsuit is as funny and tries it on only for it to inflate huge. She finally pulls herself up to find who sent it.

Lactose Intolerance Ass Expansion Media Type: Download
Kymberly is constipated and her doctor tells her to eat pizza because she is lactose intolerant. Instead of solving her problem her ass blows up huge

Magic Maternity Panties Media Type: Download
Kym has a new boyfriend. Before their date he sends her a box of lingerie. She is really excited until she opens the box and sees a pair of maternity panties

Look How Big and Blue You are Making Me Media Type: Download
Poison wants you to jack off for her. She knows the more turned on the bigger she gets. She wants to become a giant blueberry. The bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. Price lower due to some suit and camera issues.