The Relaxation Suit: Two Roommates Two Experiences $13.00
Iva orders an inflatable relaxation suit and finds it so relaxing it puts her to sleep. Her roommate tries it and has a whole different experience. The machine breaks and it blows up out of control until explosion.

A Long Slow Transformation for A Scientist $19.00
Fae is a scientist who is experimenting and then accidentally turns herself into a beautiful alien/elf lady whose ass expands so large she gets stuck in a chair.

Tainted Scrambled Eggs: Girl To Chicken $25.00
Rebecca eats a batch of tainted chicken eggs and quickly becomes bloated and lays and egg. This starts out the fast paced transformation to a full blow chicken wth several eggs.

MAX GROWTH: Party Expansion Blunder Part 2 $15.00
After the initial Hourglass expansion, Koa begins to grow mighty muscles, followed up by an even more amazing and sexy second growth spurt. NEW Muscle Suit.

MAX GROWTH: Party Expansion Blunder Part 1 $14.00
A tipsy Koa steals an amulet at a swank party, and accidentally activates it, growing a wobbly bubble butt, and immense, jiggly boobs. Great treadmill sequence.