MAXGROWTH: The Audition: Part One Media Type: Download
Tina`s agent, Lucia, gives her a special tea to make her gain a little weight for a movie role. But, Tina gains MORE than just a little weight as her expanding measurements grow and grow.

Power Up Media Type: Download
Batgirl and Supergirl `power up` inflating their breasts to enhance their powers. Both love the feeling of the inflation.

A Maid`s Belly Bursting Revenge Media Type: Download
Jaylyn is mean to her maid and she has finally had it. She forces doughnuts down her throat and laughs at her as her belly bursts through her dress and sweater buttons.

Spell Drunken Blueberry Transformation/Explosion Media Type: Download
Katya`s witch friend wants her man and turns her into a large juicy blueberry. Each step of the spell is realized as she fills with juice her belt buttons burst and finally she overfills with juice and explodes in a puddle of juice and blue skin.

POV: Sexy Helium Ass Expansion JO Instruction Media Type: Download
Really hot ass expansion. CoCo teases you with her growing ass as she sucks helium and instructs you to jack off for her.