Out of Control Allergy Leads to Ass Explosion $10.00
Gina ate a candybar with peanuts in it and has a horrible allergy. The clip starts with her stuck in place with huge breasts terrified trying to get help when her ass begins to inflate. Things get so out of control and she explodes from her ass.

Plain to Curvy to Extreme Hourglass to Pile of Silicone $24.00
Pristine is s cute conservative secretary that receives an addictive plant that begins her transformation into a glamorous, curvy, bimbo type girl. A transformation she fights and gives into until she finally explodes. Pristine is Amazing.

POV: Sexy Ass Expansion Interactive $13.00
Sexy Pornstar teases you with her growing ass. She knows you are jacking off for her and she encourages you. As her ass grows so do the threads on her top finally reaching their limit and busting. Sexy POV Ass Exp Tease. Carmen looks amazing.

MAXGROWTH: Koa FanMail (BE VERSION) $13.00
Koa reads a fanmail that triggers a massive breast expansion. She then shows what it`s like to deal with the reality of having monster boobs, as her fans comment. Lots of variety in this one. Sure to be an instant classic.

MAXGROWTH: Road to Blueberry (FULL VERSION) $29.00
Both Parts One and Two. Part One has the “normal” expansions with internal juice. Part Two has larger expansions with skin and hair color changes.