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A Nobel Prize hopeful scientist tests her serum which can grow blueberry to gigantic size. The serum becomes volatile and she gets it on her making her turn blue and swell up like a blueberry. Popping!

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I ordered some gaining and belly updates that Kimberly shot herself at home. In this video, she talks about her beautiful growing belly and plays with it all up close. Lots of shaking and more. Burping included.

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Jenna has her skin cream spiked by her man`s crazy exgirlfriend but when her breasts and ass grow to huge proportions she loves it. But then to her horror she grows a large penis.

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Russian Natalya gets a gift of a flask of vodka and a mysterious letter from her American husband. He loves huge breasts and soon after doing a couple shots her breasts begin to grow rapidly which totally excites her so she does more shots.

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Alexa has date with a guy who is several hours late. She becomes furious with the rude bartender busts through her clothes and transforms into a hulking angry woman. When her date arrives she carries him, jacks off his cock and fucks him up the ass