Forced Gender Change $16.00
Chad is chained to a table while a beautiful scientist removes his male parts turning him into a complete woman. He passes out and wakes up confused. Ends with self discovery of new female body.

Trapped and Forced to Turn Into a Giant Balloon $13.00
Mad scientist turns Beth into a giant human balloon. As she grows she busts through her clothes.

Yailsons Blueberry Nightmare $20.00
Yailson had a long week and went for a massage. The therapist tainted his tea and as he waits for the massage he doses off and begins the transformation to a full blueberry. He becomes huge is terrified gets stuck falls then finally blows.

Under the Sheet Hour Glass $12.00
Beth goes to an exclusive spa where she gets a new hourglass figure through a new massage technique. She is thrilled with the outcome.

MAXGROWTH: Black Ops Expansion: Part 2 $14.00
The witch casts more spells on a befuddled, but aroused Koa. Her body grows to insanely huge, HourGlass proportions. You gotta love those witches!