POV: Revenge Ass Expansion Humiliation $12.00
Your now ex girlfriend is furious that you cheated on her. She casts a spell to grow the perfect giant ass and she humiliates you with what she plans to do with her new ass as revenge.

POV: I Love Watching You Stroke Your Cock While My Boobs Grow $12.00
Alura learns that the bigger your cock gets the bigger her boobs willl grow. She is thrilled. As you stroke for her the bigger they get until they bust out of her dress. She loves them and they look amazing.

POV: Hippy Chick Grows a Food Baby $9.00
Sablique is chillin smoking a fatty and grows a giant `food baby` for you as she instructs you to stroke your cock for her.

A Sauna Suit Nightmare $9.00
Talulah is turned down at an audition for being too heavy. One of the girls she competes with gave her a `magic sauna suit` that does the reverse and makes her grow a giant belly and legs to where she falls and cannot move. She is horrified.

MAXGROWTH: TripleD Diary $15.00
Thick and lovely cocktail waitress Torina is jealous of all the big boobed girls at her club. She steals their breast expansion pills and reveals her constant growth in a daily diary. Lots of expansion and wardrobe changes with some breast play.