Katerina`s Super Accelerated Pregnancy & Belly Inflation $15.00
Katerina desperately wants to get pregnant so she finds a voodoo priestess masquerading as a homeopathic medicine specialist & soon her belly expands as she goes through 9 months of pregnancy in just a few minutes.

Make Me Your Balloon Girl $14.00
Sablique and you control her blowing up huge. She talks about what she loves about it as she gets more and more turned on the bigger she gets.

Talulah`s Real Hourglass and Blueberry Experience! $25.00
Talulah comes to Taylors house wanting to do an expansion shoot. She does not know Taylor has magical powers which she uses to give Talulah a blue drink, which then gives Talulah an hourglass expansion and blueberry inflation until Talulah explodes!

MAXGROWTH: Writers Block Part 2 $16.00
Lucia gets thrown into the mix as both girls are fully transformed into cat women. Then they are forced to play a dice game where Koa develops powerful muscles.

You Turn Your Tinder Hookup Into A Blueberry! $18.00
A blonde girl named Halo matched with you on tinder so you show up to her house. After she kisses you she grows giant breasts, turns blue and turns into a blueberry. She is nervous but enjoys it a little until she explodes.