X-SPANDER: Jenny Is Inflating To Please Media Type: Download
Jenny really likes her new boyfriend & wants to make him happy so when he asks her to inflate for him she is extremely nervous but gives it a try. After she has her boobs inflate she begins to love the feeling and love her new shape! POV

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Raven is surprised when she gets another HUGE growth spurt in her chest and ass. She tries to measure herself in vain, struggles to leave, and attempts to get in a car with her new GIANT Hourglass figure.

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Old clip with lots of production issues. Nicole blows bubbles and grows large breasts, gets bright blue hair and eventually expands into a Blueberry. FAST berry inflation.

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Sexy Asian Pornstar Kimmy Lee instructs you to stroke your cock for her while she chews her ass expansion gum. Her ass slowly grows while she teases you with it shaking it and blowing bubbles. She begs you to cum all over her big new shaking ass.

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Talulahs girlfriend cheats on her with a man and she is furious. She inflates her to a jelly belly with hose then ties her to chair and uses helium to blow up her ass and her stomach to enormous proportions and pops her with her heel.