POV: Stroke Your Cock to This Big New Ass of Mine $9.00
Lucky grows a big ass and wants you to jack off and cum all over her new giant ass while she teases you with it.

POV: You Take Over Dita`s Shoot $17.00
Dita comes to visit Taylor for a shoot but it appears Taylor isn`t there. You then surprise Dita by making her suffer with breast and butt expansion to massive sizes until she can`t handle anymore and explodes to a silicone mess!

Inflation Technology: The Perfect Body Jumpsuits $16.00
Kiki and Sinn work in an office together. Kiki wants a perfect body so orders the `Perfect Body` jumpsuits they try out during lunch hour. Sinn gets perfect hourglass while KiKi freaks because she only gets a giant ass.

MAXGROWTH: Help Wanted: Part One $16.00
Lucia places a fake job posting for BBW`s at the Club & pisses one off. She soon begins to swell into a plump hottie with big, heavy boobs, a super curvy bubble butt and a bulging starter belly.

Sexy Student to Beautiful Hourglass to Big Blueberry to Pop $21.00
Diana was up all night studying when she finds out class is cancelled due to a blueberry virus. She realizes she has contracted this virus and develops an hourglass figure then turns into a blueberry until pop.