Insatiable Appetite $23.00
Taylor is suddenly Insatiable. She stuffs nachos, spaghetti and grapes. Her body grows in several stages. First belly, hips, ass and even bigger belly. She loves how her body feels while growing and expanding.

Big Swollen Feet: Swelling-Busting- Growth $15.00
Fae comes home and finds a drink left for her. Her feet begin to swell huge. She busts through her shoes stockings and stares at her massive feet in awe. 12 min. She gets up to find her phone and grows massive to ceiling. 4 min

Blueberry Wine-Blue Feet and Swollen Belly-Full Blueberry $26.00
Joline is Talulahs assistant and is unaware she has been turned into a berry. A trap was set for her and she drank tainted wine. Her feet and belly swell, bust out of her shoes and turn blue. She then turned to full berry scared/angry.

Forced Blue Belly Expansions with Blue Feet $22.00
Diana is lured in and force filled with berry juice. Feet and belly turn blue and swell. Joline forced belly, then both off them are captured and forced filled. Bellies and feet turn blue.

Wine CEO to Full Blueberry $16.00
Entitled wine CEO insults entire staff until her partner decides to turn her into a blueberry and have her to produce wine for the company. Full Blueberry transformation. Angry and scared. Time 28:48