Alternative Fuel Gone Wrong $19.00
Dr Pierce developed a suit. She has her intern wear it connected to gas tank of vehicle. Intern consumes beans then farts a lot producing methane and powering up vehicle. Suit gets stuck and methane fills suit leading to explosion.

MAXGROWTH: The Interview Pt.1 $13.00
Boob obsessed TV host B.B. interviews Ariella who has undergone massive breast expansion. A scheming scientist gets similar treatment.

Inflating Revenge $14.00
Dita is sleeping with Carolines boyfriend and she finds out. She serves her a drink that makes her belly grow huge to explode as she interrogates her in a sweet manner. When she notices she begs for forgiveness.

MAXGROWTH: Shrinking Desire $7.00
Koa is shrunken by her boyfriend to smaller than her high heel. Our first shrinking clip. The process is short. No pun intended?

Twin Blueberries $22.00
Twins come home to find an oompa loompa in their house who offers them gum. They chew it and turn into berries. They call their mother to help who finds the gum in the other room and is stuck. So they go to a portable juicing room.