MAXGROWTH: The Perfect Fit $19.00
Koa goes on `The Perfect Fit` dating show. But turns out the bachelor has a very `expansive` idea about his perfect lady as Koa swells to please him.

A Dream: Three Fabulous Inflations $16.00
Introducing Bernice. A cute blonde who is slipped a nightmare tea by her maid and has three very vivid scary inflation dreams.

Tall Blue Socks: A Blueberry Story $19.00
Olivia wore a new pair of blue knee high socks. She started to feel queasy in school so came home early. When she removed her socks her feet were permanently blue. Her belly inflated and she turned into a giant blueberry until she burst.

Unexplained Expansions $15.00
Penny comes home from a night out and feels really funny. She grows a giant ass and when she thinks things can`t get worse she grows a big belly.

Your Giant Inflated Escort $17.00
Helena is a escort who is meeting a new client YOU. You leave large clothes on her bed and note for her to wear them. She is freaked out by clothes puts them on and inflates huge. You come in at end to spend the night with your giant inflated escort