MAXGROWTH: Truth or Dare Duel $12.00
Koa and Allegra are frenemies who decide to play a game of Truth or Dare with magical and bosom blasting results. Double breast expansion goodness.

Losing It- Insane Hourglass Psychiatrist $16.00
Got this idea from Scorpion Movie clip. Psychiatrist cracks joke in session and begins to inflate. She keeps going with the jokes and turns into a giant hourglass. It is all fun and games until you come in for a session and she is embarassed.

POV: Inflating My Big Pink Bubble Booty for You $8.00
Sablique has a surprise for you. Watch her grow a giant pink ass for you as she instructs you to stroke your cock for her and counts you down to cum.

HourGlass Clinical Trials $25.00
Clinical trial for breasts goes out of control and turns to giant hourglass. Special belts to measure pressure are used and bust. At the end you enter the room and Sablique screams at you and explodes. Amazing clip.

Part II A Blueberry Illness: I Feel Funny All Over $17.00
In part one Monica grew a huge belly then peed blueberry juice and her belly went down. She slowly turns blue and her ass fills with blueberry juice. Her entire body turns into a full blueberry and her last hope is to pee all the blueberry juice out.