Don`t Eat the Berries Hourglass & Blueberry Transformation $21.00
MOSTLY HOURGLASS with 7 Minutes OF BLUEBERRY. Taylor warns Iva not to eat blueberries. She ignores her. Iva gets an hourglass figure and tells Taylor she doesn`t need her dumb job, but then turns into a blueberry and begs forgiveness and explodes.

She Should Not have Tried the Gum: A Juicing Special $17.00
Gracie works at the candy factory and took some gum that was in production. While resting she is warned and the slow transformation begins. Oompa lompa appears at end and forces juice out of her mouth to drink.

MAXGROWTH: Ambush Inflation Revenge $8.00
Lucia is ambushed by a vengeful woman (voice over by Tara Tied) who forcibly inflates her, and seductively taunts her, until her final over-inflated moment. POPPING!

Forced Extreme Pregnancy $12.00
Insane mad scientist formulates a way to force a woman to have multiple pregnancies. She forces Rebeccas belly to grow about 20 babies until her water breaks.

Full Moon Goddess $12.00
When there is a full moon Helena turns into an Hourglass Goddess. She slowly inflates as she teases you with her growing body, then traps you under her new big ass. Helena is amazing!