Everything I Eat Goes to My Belly $11.00
Muffy is letting the seams out in her pants to fit her growing belly. She eats a piece of pizza and talks about how it goes straight to fat and shows off her sexy growing belly. She begins to inflate and gets stuck behind the sewing machine.

MAXGROWTH: The Entity $19.00
Uptight Dyana and Theophania are bickering roommates who accidentally unleash a trickster entity that begins to feed on their emotions and warp their bodies and minds. Expansion and mental change mayhem ensues.

After School BE $15.00
Muffy came home from school not feeling right. She took a nap and found herself waking up to some changes. Blonde hair growth, increased beauty and big beautiful bouncy breasts she loves.

Inheritance $10.00
Sablique wanted her Nannas inheritance but needed to have a baby to get it. She goes through an accelerated pregnancy.

Growing Miserable $8.00
Sablique has been gaining weight and things grow way out of control. Buttons burst and belt pops as she grows bigger and more miserable.