Three Full Body Inflation Stories $22.00
In the first clip Vicky orders a weight loss suit that blows up and pops. In second clip Vicky does a weight gain spell and gains belly then full body. In the last she is scientist who develops serum to lose weight but gains and is disgusted.

Saturday Detention Blueberry Transformation $17.00
18 year old Schoolgirl Jaylee is on Saturday detention when the teacher leaves the room. She gets into her cabinet and steals blue gum and turns into a massive blueberry. At first she is scared but then enjoys the transformation and passes out.

INFLATE $27.00
Fae gets a letter saying when she says inflate her dreams will come true. Three stages of ass expansion and then several stages of breast expansion. She gets stuck in chair behind desk and more. She loves it.

The Strange Bar Futa Experience $15.00
Taylor arrives to a very odd bar for a blind date. The bar is empty but porn is playing and the only patron is a sex doll. She is freaked out and grows a massive cock. Once it busts through she finds she can`t stop stroking it multiple pop shots.

Double Feature Growth and More $19.00
Two simple growth clips. Kiki is at work when her feet begin to swell. She grows to ceiling. Taylor feels weird at work. Her feet swell up and she grows a few inches. She leaves work and as she grows she gets big ass and her pussy swells.