POV: You Inflate Your Stepmother - Giant Clothes Busting Mess $17.00
You just turned 18 and cant stand your fathers new wife. You come home late one night and she decides to punish you. You inflate her huge until her clothes bust off. She`s angry and terrified as she begs you to stop inflating her. Great Suit Inflation

Bratty Stepdaughter Becomes Blueberry with Breasts $19.00
Dita is a spoiled brat and finds out her stepfather watched her blueberry video. She makes fun of him and he makes her grow giant breasts, and turn into a giant blueberry with giant breasts, then explode.

Bubblegum Bubbles Belly Expansion $15.00
Your girlfriend Sablique and you are trying to have a baby but can`t. While you are out of town she takes your sperm to a doctor, and had gum made where everytime she blows a bubble she gets more pregnant.

MAXGROWTH: High Society $18.00
Koa is a snooty, high society lady that berates others. She soon grows a large bosom & an immense ass, quickly loving her new `commoner` assets.

Muffy Becomes a Fox $15.00
Muffy has always wanted to be a fox. She orders a transformation coat and the transformation begins. When she tries to remove the coat things accelerate. Short futa sequence at end.