Kayla is JustDunked again! $5.00
The last time Kayla was on JustDunked she was in a flimsy white dress that went see-through pretty quickly...this time she`s chosen a much more protective outfit...not! Wearing a skimpy white shirt and not much more she takes to the dunktank seat again!

Ali`s back on JustDunked.com $5.00
Ali`s back on JustDunked once more, this time in a very short (and very sexy) purple dress and heels, ready to do battle with a series of devious spellings...every mistake is punished by a dunking....how good is she?

Lauren is JustDunked again! $5.00
Lauren`s back on JustDunked again - and one thing we`ve not tested her on (whilst she`s sat above the massive tank of water) is her spelling! Remember, it`s `i` before `e` except after `c` or you get D-U-N-K-E-D and S-O-A-K-E-D!

Jess is JustDunked again! $5.00
We`ve got Jess back on JustDunked! Wearing skinny white jeans, a top and heels she takes to the seat before getting soaked repeatedly! Which is a shame for her but good fun for us!

Rebecca-Jane`s getting JustDunked again! $5.00
We love it when Rebecca-Jane is on JustDunked...she goes to pieces the instant she`s sat on the dunktank, unable to spell even the simplest of words! Which means a gorgeous well-dressed girl gets dunked quite a lot!