Danielle Maye Is a Tasty Chocolate Treat $4.00
Sammie covers Danni in sweet, runny chocolate from head to toe and all the bits in between making her one tasty chocolate treat that Sammie cannot resist!

Cake Platter for Honey B $4.00
Honey B checks into the WAM Motel and pre orders the Cake Platter De Luxe from the Sploshing Menu. Honey drops her jeans and squishes a cake with her ass and then smears herself and masturbates in the chocolate goodness!

Translucent $4.00
A naked Anna enjoying the sensation of cool, translucent slime caressing her body and stimulating her in all the right places!

Charley`s Sexy Splosh $4.00
A sexy, messy treat with Charley dressed to thrill in lingerie indulges in some sexy sploshing for your pleasure!

Messy Phone Sex $5.00
Shay is chatting on the phone whilst getting ready for a Splosh A Girl Party when she steps in a gooey chocolate cake. `Egged` on by her phone caller Shay is soon indulging in some hot and heavy messy phone sex so do drop in and have a listen!