Shaving Cream Washed Off a Business Suit II $5.00
Oasis Video--Washing Shaving Cream Off a Business Suit and Lingerie

Washing Shaving Cream From a Business Suit I $5.00
Oasis Video--Shaving Cream on a Nice Business Suit Washed Off in the Shower

Baby Gets Muddy in the Pond $6.00
Oasis Video--Dressed for Fishing But It Rained so What`s a Girl to Do?

Two Business Suits Covered in Shaving Cream $6.00
Oasis Video - Two Very Close Friends Have Fun While Lathering Each Other With Shaving Cream!

WAM Shoes Scene 3 $5.00
Oasis Video - Long Slow Scenes of Classic Wet Stockings, Feet, Shoes, Soap, and More!