Tiffany paints herself BUNDLE $12.00
Full video - volumes 1 and 2. Tiffany gives a painting lesson to us all. First paint the clothes. Head to foot coverage of paint, along with nice chatty dialogue all the way through. Now, paint the underwear and the body.

Sammie paints her suit BUNDLE $12.00
Full video - Volumes 1 and 2. Wearing a light beige skirt suit and matching boots, Sammie is so irritated that the decorators have hardly done any work whilst she`s been out. The result is something of a forgone conclusion...loads of paint on Sammie.

Maid/mistress in the pool BUNDLE $12.00
Full video, volumes 1 and 2. Louise is the rather shy maid who is forced to go into the pool by her domineering mistress, Natalia. Soon Louise forgets all about being the shy maid and gives as good as she gets in this girl-girl movie. Rating is explicit.

Natalie - sweet/sticky/messy BUNDLE $18.00
Naughty Natalie - volumes 1 and 2. Loads of very sweet substances and the result is a totally messed up girl with her clothes on! She washes down the walls to remove all the mess... by stripping off her clothes and using them as wipes

Jo May - gallons of custard BUNDLE $12.00
20 gallons of custard! Full video - volumes 1 and 2. Jo having the time of her life in the most custard you`re likely to see in one place. A slow teasy start soon leads to Jo getting totally covered, then strips and gets even more covered