Pie In The Face Slapstick Clown Class $14.00
This is a custom. Rebecca is holding a slapstick class. Her and Joclyn have an exchange of pies. The clip ends with Rebecca enjoying the pies and a giant dildo while Joclyn covers her with 5 extra chocolate cream pies!

Wet and Messy Slapstick Training $11.00
Uptight news reporter Zoe hates slapstick comedy. She does a news report on how much she hates it and her assistant Kimberly turns on her with slapstick. She covers her face in a whipped cream pie, pudding pie and liquid ice cream.

Captured and Covered $12.00
Kimberly sets Caroline up for revenge by having a man and leave her in a room full of pies, ice cream etc. When Kimberly shows up to get her revenge on Caroline she is the one who is captured. Caroline enters and and covers her from head to toe.

A Wet and Messy Good Bye $35.00
Kimberly is retiring and Caroline has a messy surprise for her. She blindfolds and ties her then coats her with pies, custard, egg, applesauce, colored slime and more. Beautiful shots of it sliding down completely wet and messy body.

WAM Masturbation Instruction $13.00
A wet and messy masturbation instruction. Holly wants you to take a pie for her.